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This is what happens when my name becomes a video game 😆😆😆😂😆
Yugioh though ^o^
My new best friend <3


Be honest with me, don’t lie to me and tell me things you think I want to hear. Don’t appease me for the sake of not wanting to let me down, I need to know what you feel and how you feel about me. Every moment you spend not being truthful with me about your feelings is you wasting both of our time and you’re going to end up doing more harm if you let this go on without putting your heart into it instead of just telling me right here right now that it isn’t what you want. 


She is literally so fit

👼✨💓 xan bæ 👽🔊

František Drtikol
Better alone than badly accompanied. - Candace Bushnell  (via gogoken)

“It went from butterflies fluttering in my stomach to bees stinging in my heart.”


the perfect lipstick. 20% off EVERYTHING through tomorrow

I want one of every color