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There is an important distinction between not giving a fuck about what other people think of you and not giving a fuck about other people’s feelings. - Unknown (via kittiecunt)
omg aw, it's your birthday?? have a splendid one, my darling!! <3333

It was yesterday, I forgot to check my tumblr messages like a dummy XD

andddd thank you very much love <3333

How to braid your hair:



  • Wet hair
  • Comb through
  • Separate at the part
  • Draw a pentagram on the floor
  • Perform blood sacrifice
  • Offer up your soul to the devil
  • Chant ancient Latin conjuration spell
  • Summon Satan
  • Ask Satan to braid your hair

You know what?

Screw you. I am done braiding people’s hair. Do you know how many braids I have done today?


And I don’t even get a “Hey Satan how’s it going your cloven hooves look fabulous today” it’s just “Braid it. Go.”

hows life

pretty great. :)

What're did you get you tail? It's exactly what I've been looking for.

On amazon :)

Happy fucking birthday..hahahahaha

ohay thanks :))


Play time ♡